About ChinaList:

In a word, it's a SITEINFO source for Pagerization, and could be used by AutoPagerize as well. As its name implies, it's fit for the Chinese Sites.

SiteInfo URLs:

for Chinese Users: http://vip.yyjoy.com/chappell/chinalist
for Oversea Users: http://www.quchao.com/projects/chinalist

How to use:

Open Pagerization.user.js with any available editor, choose one of the urls above and add it to the 'SITEINFO_URL' array.
An easy way is to replace
Supported Sites:

Baidu News - Search result

Baidu Web - Search result

Baidu Post Bar - List

Baidu Knows - Search result

Baidu Knows - Issue list

Baidu MP3 - Search result


XinHuaNet - News List - by Dingar

Engadget and AutoBlog


iAsk - News Search

iAsk - Video Search

iAsk - Music Search

iAsk - Image Search

iAsk - Known Man

iAsk - Blog Search


MOP - Post Club


oTianYa - Post List

Sogou - News Search

Sogou - Info List

Sogou - Web Search

Sogou - Music Search

Sogou - Image Search

Sogou - Video Search

Sogou - Talk Bar List

Sogou - Talk Bar Post

Sogou - Blog Search

TianYa - Post List

VeryCD - Index

VeryCD - Search Result

VeryCD - Groups

Xiaonei - Home

Xiaonei - Random Buddy

Xiaonei - Fresh Gallery

Xiaonei - Search Result

Xiaonei - Class List

Xiaonei - Course List

Xiaonei - Other Lists

Yahoo - Web Search

Yahoo - News Search

Yahoo - knowledge Search

Yahoo - Music Search

Yahoo - Image Search

Yahoo - Shopping Search

Yahoo - Video Search

Yahoo - Cool Post Search

Yahoo - Moive Search

Yahoo - Moive Download Search

Yahoo - All-in-one Search

Yodao - Web Search

Yodao - Blog Search

Yupoo - My Popular Photos

Yupoo - Tagged Photos

Yupoo - Group Topics

Yupoo - Groups Pool

Yupoo - Groups Members

Yupoo - Group List

Yupoo - Recent Photos

Yupoo - Recent Favorites

Yupoo - Recent Interesting

Yupoo - Viewing Album

Yupoo - Search Result

Yupoo - My Photos